Monday, December 12, 2011

My Home Tour: Entry and Dining Room

Today I am continuing my home tour with my Entry and Dining Room.

The dining room was previously our formal sitting room, which no one ever sat in. We decided that  since we needed more room to entertain friends and family, it would be used more if we turned it into a formal dining room. Luckily, the floor plan of our home will allow us to create a pass through from the kitchen to this room. We have plans to create the opening and remove the carpeting to install walnut wood floors in the dining room in the spring. The chandelier will also be replaced, because it is the wrong size for the the room, now that it hangs above our large dining table. I also plan on adding a small sideboard to the room. I love having a formal dining room. When we built this house, I didn't think it we would miss it, but as our family has grown, it has almost become a necessity. We have already used it more times then anyone ever sat in it when it was a formal sitting room!

Here is a look at the changes we have planned in the near future...

I'm excited to show you the changes once they are all complete!

Do you have a dining room? Some people think it is a waste of space...what do you think?

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