Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Client Project Reveal: The Florentine Project - Who's Afraid of the Big Brown Couch?

Hello, friends! Today I am back sharing another local client project. This project reveal is for all of you that are afraid of your big brown leather sofa and are wanting to kick it to the curb...but can't. That was the exact situation my client was in. She contacted me to hep her lighten and brighten her family room area. She was open to all new furniture, but the leather sofa had to stay. It is only a couple years old and in excellent shape. She didn't feel comfortable replacing the sofa with a lighter, upholstered one... just yet. She has 3 young children and she needed to make sure there was at least one place they could sit and potentially make a mess that wouldn't cause her to have a complete freak out. Sound familiar? I'm sure to many of you it does. I put together a plan for the space that would incorporate the leather sofa and still achieve the fresher, lighter feel my client was hoping for.

This is the design board I put together for the room:

My client had already decided to replace the carpet with wood flooring. I suggested removing the leather love seat and replacing it with 2 chairs. We also changed the placement of the TV and moved it to the other wall. The rest of the design stemmed from my client's desire to add some coral into the space. I am loving the coral, navy, gray and gold color scheme we decided on. Here is what the room looked like the first time I saw it...


And here it is now...


As you can see the completed space did vary slightly from the original design, but the over all look is the same. Designing a space is an evolutionary process. Often times changes are made to the original plan to accommodate time and budget constraints, etc. Sometimes, I just decide something else will look better or something needs to be added. That is the benefit of a custom design by an experienced Interior Designer, they can see those little nuances that will add or detract from a space and make changes accordingly. The family room looks and feels so much more fresh and bright even with the big brown leather sofa in it. My client absolutely loves the space and so do I. I hope my design gives you big, brown leather sofa owners some inspiration and hope.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Local Client Project Reveal: Harvey Project Master Bedroom Before & After

You guys!! I am so excited to finally share this local client Master Bedroom project with you in its fullness. This project was such a dream to work on. Last year I was able to design this client's Bright and Modern Family Room. A few months after that project wrapped, my clients asked me come back and design their master bedroom. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. I absolutely adore my client's and their darling family, so I was more than pleased to be working with them again. 

My client's bedroom was basically a blank slate to work with. Aside from a chest that the homeowner's husband had made for her when they were first married, and the mattress, they didn't want or need me to keep anything in the space. That is a designer's dream and always a treat! They also liked the idea of incorporating a work area into their room, since the Mrs. works primarily from home. The thing I love most about my clients is that they completely trusted me and my vision for their space. I presented them my ideas and they pretty much said "Do what you want." I appreciate their trust more than I can express! 

I am over the moon with how their space turned out and so are they. I love all the projects I complete, but this may be my favorite Master Bedroom to date. :) 

Here is what the room looked like before:

And now...

There are so many amazing pieces in this space. The bed...the nightstands...the dresser...the artwork. Each of these elements is a star on its own, but they completely work together in this space to make it feel cohesive and pulled together. The navy and aqua color palette, coupled with the pops of greens and yellows, has become a favorite of mine. I'm trying to figure out where to incorporate it in my own home! This is the first time in their marriage, my client's have had a "grown up" Master Bedroom. I am so honored they asked me to create it for them and I hope they enjoy their space for many years to come!

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Client Project Reveal: Family Room Refresh

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was filled with hair, make-up and costumes changes. Both of my daughters dance competitively and they had their first competition of the season this past weekend. I love seeing my girls in their element, but to say that the competition days are long and exhausting is an understatement. Nonetheless, my girls have an absolute love affair with dance, so it looks like I'm in it for the long haul!

Today I am back with another reveal of a local client project. The clients contacted me because they wanted some help pulling together their family room and piano room. When I first saw the space, it didn't look too bad. They had already purchased most of the major pieces of furniture, but not much beyond that. They also weren't sure how to tie in the large black built in entertainment center that they inherited from the previous homeowners when they purchased their home. They wanted a fresh and light feel in the space without having to paint the built in or any of the walls. They have a young family, so they wanted to keep things simple. I also needed to incorporate the furniture they has already purchased. Luckily for me, they have great taste and the furniture they picked provided a great foundation for the space. I tackled the job of pulling the space together by adding drapery, pillows and accessories in a lovely gray, yellow and teal color palette. I also selected a new rug, coffee table and side table for my clients to purchase. Lastly, we added some interest to the black built ins by installing teal fabric covered panels to the backs of the glass front cabinets. I then placed white ceramic and glass objects in those cabinets, allowing them to pop off the colored panels and add some light and reflectiveness to the cabinetry. This project is a great example of how an interior designer can help create a cohesive and pulled together space in your home without having to start from scratch. That is what I did here...just gave the space a little "Refresh". :)

Here is what the space looked like the before:

And now, after my Refresh...

Isn't it lovely? I certainly think so and so do the homeowners. It just goes to show that sometimes a professional's eye, knowledge and vision is what it takes to turn a space from "not too bad" to "I really love it!" Thanks again to my lovely clients for trusting me with their home. I truly have the best clients in the world!!!

I'll be sharing this client's Piano Room transformation soon...stay tuned!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

My Home Office: Going for the Gold

Happy Monday! I hope you are all off to a great week. Today I want to share with you some updates I have made to my home office over the past few months. I have previously shared my budget home office with you, which I really loved, but always felt it was missing something. I quickly realized that what the office needed was so depth and interest. I knew the easiest way to achieve that would be to add some gold into the space. The silver, while pretty, left the space feeling a little cold. I started with transforming my silver Ikea Vitssjo by giving it a dose of Antique gold Rubb n' Buff. I also spray painted the Ikea Ribba Frames that hang above the board and batten wall treatment with Design Masters Gold Medal spray paint (the absolute best gold spray paint, IMO).  I also changed up the O'verlays on my DIY painted file cabinet with a shot of the gold spray paint. The biggest change you will see is the addition of a seating area on one side of the room that was previously empty. I love having the extra seating in there so my hubby and kids can come hang out with me when I am in the office working away.  Another change I made was replacing my desk chair and the extra chair in the corner of the room. Both of those chairs were actually extra dining chairs and I wanted to replace them with something specifically for the office. The rest off the updates came in the form of adding new accessories, mostly in a gold, brass, white and blue color palette.  The changes are subtle, but I think the addition of the gold elements really enhanced the space. Take a look...


Here is a list of sources for items in the space - 

Desk - World Market
Desk Chair - Overstock.com
Rug - Surya purchased from Overstock.com
Shelf - Ikea Vittsjo
Corner Chair - Ballard Designs
Blue Pillow - Pottery Barn
File Cabinet - DIY with gold O'verlays from myoverlays.com
Striped Club Chair - Pier 1
Nailhead Club Chair - Safavieh from Overstock.com
Geometric Pillows - Villa Home
Gold accent table - Target