Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Beautiful Blush Retreat

As many of you know, my design style has a feminine flair. Many of you may also know, that I am a huge fan of interiors that are neutral or have a soft palette. So, you can understand why I fell hard for this room designed by the talented Anne Hepfer. This living room speaks to me. Perfect gray walls, tailored white upholstery, hints of gold, touches of texture and the perfect blush pink accents...this space has it all! 

The touch of blush in this space really sets it apart. Anne masterfully created a space that is not only completely gorgeous, but absolutely livable. Is it any wonder this room makes me swoon?!?

In honor of my love for blush and the fact that Valentine's Day is around the corner, I've rounded up some of my favorite blush finds, for you, from around the web.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Click List

My Friday Click List consists of some of my favorite items from home decor and more from around the web this week. In addition... all of my picks are on SALE! Take a look.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beautiful and Affordable Area Rug Round - Up

I'm back today to share a round - up of some area rugs, I am currently crushing on, with you. Area rugs can create be a beautiful foundation for a space. They can set the mood in a room by making a statement, or be being a subtle accent.

Area Rugs provide both beauty and function. Whether placed on a wood floor, or layered over carpet. The right area rug is key to designing a room. Today, I've rounded up some area rugs I am currently loving, for you. A bonus, many of the picks are under $500.00 for an 8x10! Check them out!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Friday Click List

I've decided to start a weekly series on the blog called the Friday Click List. Each week I'll round up my favorite finds from home decor and more, on the web. The Click List will consist of items that reflect my personal style. Plus, each week, all the Friday Click List picks will be on sale! I hope you love this new series. My hope is to you will be able to learn a bit more about me, through my picks, but also find some items that you will love too. If I can do that and save you some money in the process, that is a win - win! Check out my picks for this week's Friday Click List...
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Bar and Counter Stool Round - Up

Thank you for all the love you all showed the reveal of the Primrose Project Kitchen. I had so many people ask me about the counter stools I used in that project, that I decided to put together a round up of some of my favorite bar and counter stools for you.

Bar and counter stools are a kitchen staple. The right stools can not only serve a primary function in your kitchen, but they can also be a stand out accessory for your space. Weather you are looking for something a bit rustic, like in the kitchen above, or something that makes a more of a statement, like the metal stools from the yesterday's reveal (below), there is a stool out there for you.

 I've rounded up a few favorites for you today. So whether you prefer wood or metal, a pop of color or something neutral, with a back or backless, take a look at the options below! There is sure to be something that suits you and your kitchen!
PS - Almost all of these styles can be found in both bar and counter height. 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sita Montgomery Interiors: The Primrose Project Kitchen Reveal

As promised, today I am back with the reveal of the Primrose Project Kitchen. My client's previous kitchen was pretty, but it wasn't jiving with the bright, fresh feel they wanted for their home. So we decided to gut the kitchen and start from scratch. All new white cabinetry was installed. We kept most of the appliances in the same spaces, but we upgraded them to professional series appliances, including a range with a steam oven. We also opted to panel the full size refrigerator and freezer. The other major change we made was taking out the angled corner pantry. We then added gorgeous quartz countertops, a white beveled subway tile, with a pretty marble herringbone accent, beautiful brass hardware and lighting. Again, we replaced the old tile floor with gorgeous quarter sawn white oak wood floors, which we continued through to the living room, and finished with a rich, dark stain. The result is a fabulous and functional kitchen, perfect for cooking up meals and hosting family gatherings.

The angled corner pantry was squared off. We made it larger by borrowing room from the laundry area that was behind it. We then gave it a fun cabinet front, swinging door to keep it hidden and continue the flow of the cabinets. 

Thats's a pebble ice maker you see in there! I am so jealous!!

A  new round dining table, pretty wood and upholstered chairs and a beautiful new light fixture found their home in the dining area of the kitchen.

Brass barstools? Yes, please!!

Here is what the kitchen looked like before:

and now:

Isn't it just perfect? I certainly think so. My clients have enjoyed cooking in the kitchen and then gathering around their new 72" round dining table. The large table is perfect for this family of 7! My clients said that it had changed the way they interact at meal times. They are having more conversation than ever before! Now that is beauty and function at its' best. I hope you enjoyed the kitchen reveal!

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Affordable Oversized Art Round Up

Art can have a great impact on the overall look of a room. Oversize art in particular can set the stage and become the center of a room design. In yesterday's living room reveal of the Primrose Project, I showed how I often use art to enhance a room and anchor the room's design. The colors and composition of my art selections, are truly a driving force in deciding the overall look and feel the room will have. I firmly believe that every well designed space needs to incorporate some form of art. If the size of the room can handle it, there is nothing better than an oversized piece of wall art to make a real statement in a room. Unfortunately, large and oversized pieces of art can often be spendy.  While I believe that good art is worth an investment, I also know that not everyone can afford to sacrifice that kind of money in the name of good decor. Well, today I've rounded up some of my favorite AFFORDABLE pieces of large and oversized art, which can make your dreams of owning a fabulous piece of statement making art a reality!

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sita Montgomery Interiors - The Primrose Project Living Room

Today, I am pleased to be posting another reveal from the Primrose Project. Last week, I posted the reveal of the Teen Bedroom from this remodel project. If you thought that before and after was dramatic, wait till you see this one! I'll dive into the details shortly, but right now, let's just soak in the  all the prettiness from the Primrose Project family room. :)

Do you love it? I absolutely do. For reference, here is what the space looked like before...

And now...

Isn't the transformation insane????

I mentioned in my previous post that this was a full interior and exterior remodel project. We took the main floor down to the studs in order to achieve the look and feel my clients desired. They asked for an updated, bright, clean yet comfortable space,  where their family could gather without the distraction of a tv in the background. 

When I first saw the space, I was immediately struck by the awkward placement of the fireplace. I decided to move the fireplace from the corner to the center of the room and add a window, where the fireplace previously was. This created a focal point in the room and also allowed us to create a symmetry with the windows. We placed the old windows with new gridded windows. The new windows are black on the outside and white on the inside, which was a complete win - win for my design of this house. I designed the new mantel and fireplace wall to be trimmed out and painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore. My finish carpenter also cased and trimmed the new windows. The walls were then painted Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. We replaced the old carpet and tile floor with quarter sawn white oak floors, which were then stained a gorgeous, rich brown.
The living room was finished off with all new furniture, accessories and a gorgeous piece of art. The result is a fresh and bright, beautifully transformed space. 

My amazing clients were such troopers during the whole remodel process. They moved their family of seven into the basement while my team and I took over the top two floors of their home, for almost 5 months! They were happy and smiling through the entire process. They put 110% of their trust in me. I am so grateful to them for that. The homeowners have repeatedly expressed how their newly remodeled home has surpassed any expectations they may have had going into the project. For me, hearing that, is the ultimate reward. 

Stay tuned for the full reveal of the kitchen and dining area!!

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