Monday, June 2, 2014

Client Project Reveal: The Summerwood Project Renovation

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Today I am sharing a local renovation project that I had an opportunity to work on. The client contacted me to ask if I would consult on their kitchen and family room renovation project. They already had an idea of what they wanted to do and had most of the plans in place. They had also hired a General Contractor to do the renovation work. They wanted me to consult on the overall plan and help them choose finishes, paint, lighting, etc. They also wanted me to decorate the space once it was completed. My clients indicated that their home, while beautiful, was dark and somewhat dated. Their children are also getting older and they felt they need more space to accommodate not only their family, but also the many teenage friends that frequent their home. They wanted a bright, airy, pulled together space, but stressed that it should be casual and comfortable at the same time. They were also budget conscious when it came to furniture and decor, since the bulk of the budget was going towards the remodel of the home. They did not have any existing furniture for the space, so I was given the opportunity to start with a blank slate. The first time I saw the space, demolition had already begun.

Here is what the Family Room area looked like the first time I saw it.

The Family Room Before

And here is the completed space...

The Family Room After

The big opening you see behind the sectional (below) used to be a set of double doors that led to a deck in the backyard. The doors were removed and the opening was widened and it now leads into a sunroom that functions as the dining area with built in banquet seating and a huge farmhouse table. We are still waiting on some pieces for the sunroom. Once they arrive, I will absolutely share that space with you! 

Here is what the kitchen looked like during my first visit to the home...

The Kitchen Before:

And here it is post renovation...

The Kitchen After

Isn't that island just dreamy? I absolutely love how this renovation turned out. The clients were wonderful to work with and they have said over and over again how much they love and are enjoying their new spaces. Working on this project was so much fun and seeing my client's reaction to the finished product made all the hard work worth it. There is nothing better than working with a client to help them bring their vision for their home to life!