Thursday, October 27, 2011

Signature Style

I got some sad news this week when my good friend Jenny called me to say that she and her family would be moving. Luckily, she is only moving about 15 minutes away, so we will still be able to get our families together often.

Jenny's current home is beautiful and totally her. It is classic, fresh and feminine. Three words that describe Jenny's style perfectly. I really can't believe she can leave it behind, although I am sure her new home is going to be a knockout as well. I really wanted to take the opportunity to share some pictures of her home with you. I think Jenny's home is the perfect example of making a home your own and filling it with the things you love.

all images courtesy of Jenny Barton

Isn't her home lovely? I love homes that have the signature of their homeowners on them, and hers definitely does. Jenny's home is currently for sale in Davis County, Utah. If you are interested in more information about, please contact me via email at and I will get you in touch with Jenny.