Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Local Client Progress...The Power of Paint

Sorry that blogging had been so sparse lately. I am busy trying to finish up client projects before the Holidays are in full swing. The good news is, there will be plenty for me to share with you on the blog once they are all complete!

Today I wanted to show you the progress on the kitchen of one of my local clients. When they purchased this home, they knew that one of the first things that had to change was the kitchen. Although the cabinetry was beautiful, the dark cherry wood cabinets, the cherry wood floors and rather unsightly dark wallpaper, all made the space feel a little dreary. The first item on the list... to have the cabinets painted. They were painted a creamy off-white and then given a light glaze to match the glaze already on the green painted island (which did not get new paint).

Here is what the kitchen looked like with the original cabinets...

And now, with the new painted cabinets...

The power of paint is incredible. As you can see, the wallpaper has also been stripped. The kitchen already looks completely different. It is so much more fresh and bright. The kitchen will also be getting some new backsplash tile and a new wall paint color. Now that the cabinets have been painted, they blend in with the walls. A new wall color will be going up to provide the contrast that will help the cabinets stand out a bit more. 

There is soooooo much more going on in this project. The homeowners love white woodwork as much as I do and there is a boat load of it being installed as we speak! Like I said, there is going to be lots to share with you soon!