Monday, September 10, 2012

Girls' Rooms Progress

Happy Monday! I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. I spent part of the weekend working on my Girls' rooms. Here's a look at some of the progress made...

I finished giving this little table a spray paint makeover and added it to Miss M's room.

It was just a blah black before, but the trellis pattern is oh so lovely. I adore the mint green color it is now. I used Krylon's Catalina Mist spray paint. There will be one of these on each side of her bed. You can also see one of the DIY ombre prints I made for her. The one on the other side of her bed says "sweet" :)
 Obviously, there is a lot of styling to be done still, but I am still in the process of gathering accessories and moving things around. It is slow going...

 We also got the Rifle Paper Co. "artwork" hung. I found the blush colored mattes at a local craft store, and I knew they would be perfect. I am going to change out the frame on the heart print to match the others...just gotta find time to go buy it!

Miss J's room also got a new addition. We made her a window cornice board, like her big sister's, using this fun new fabric from Premiere Prints. I love the Ikat dots...a fun twist on a classic pattern.

It is hard to tell in the picture below, but her walls are a very pale blue. I love the hot pink paired with it.

I'm hoping to have these rooms pulled together enough to show you pictures of the WHOLE rooms, in the next week or so. They wont be complete, but hopefully you'll see my vision for my girls' room slowly coming to fruition!