Friday, March 23, 2012

Online Fabric Sources

Like most designers, I am obsessed with fabric. Truly, I hoard it. I have yards of fabric sitting in my storage room with no particular place to use it. I see it, fall in love with it and then buy a few yards hoping that one day I will find a use for it in my own home or that I will find the perfect client project to dig into my stash. It is kind of a sickness, but I own every bit of it! :)

I often get asked about online fabric sources from people who don't live in major metropolitan areas and don't have access to fabric showrooms. So I decided to share with all of you a short list of some of my go to fabric sources on the web.

Fabric. com carries fabric for everything from fashion to upholstery. With fabulous price points and coupons readily available on the web, this site is a dream for the budget conscious. Check out this pretty quilting fabric that can easily be used to make some fun pillows. At $8.98 a yard, you can afford to switch out your pillows with every season!

Annette Tatum Boho Medallion Orange
Lewis and Sheron is one of my favorite resources when working on client projects. They have an amazing selection of fabric at very reasonable price points. I have ordered from them numerous times and have never been disappointed with the quality of the products or service. You can order fabric samples from them for $2.50 each and the samples are big...not just a tiny little swatch. Another reason to love Lewis and Sheron is their selection of trim. It is fabulous. Have you been looking for the ever popular Greek Key trim? You can find it here!

Athena Tape Blue
Decorators Best is a great fabric resource for those looking for high end designer fabrics. Decorators Best also has an amazing selection of designer wallpaper from the likes of Scalamndre and Osborne & Little. The price points can get a bit lofty, but if you've been looking to add a little bit of Imperial Trellis to your home, here is where you can find it. And in the Raspberry color - way...yes please!

Imperial Trellis - Raspberry
Like I said, this is a small portion of the many online fabric resources I use. I'll share some more in another post. Right now I've got to finish making water bottle labels for a baby shower I am helping host tonight for one of my dearest friends who just had twins...a boy and a girl. I'll share pictures from it on Monday! Have a very happy weekend everyone!