Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Staircase Gallery Wall

Back in December, I did a post featuring the Christmas decor in my home. In that post, I shared a picture of my stair rail garlands. In the background of that picture you can catch a glimpse of the gallery wall going up my stairs. I had a couple people email me and ask me to post more pictures of it. Although, I had every intention of doing so, it kind of slipped my mind. Until last week, one of my cute readers, asked me about it again. I finally snapped some pictures of it to share with you.

You can't tell from these pictures, but the wall actually extends up about another 10 feet. I am excited to continue to add to the gallery and ultimately have it extend all the way to the ceiling!

I looked a lot of pictures of gallery walls before putting mine together. I knew I didn't want all my frames to match, but I did want a cohesive look. So, with the exception of the painted frames, I kept the finish of all the frames the same, a gilded metallic. The frames were gathered over time from Pottery Barn, Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. The letters are also from Hobby Lobby. I changed the original finish on them with a couple of coats of spray paint. As far as the process of planning the layout of the wall, I just did what seemed most practical. Gallery walls can be tricky, especially when you are creating one that will angle up a stairway wall. I put this gallery wall together last August (before I started this blog). I think I snapped a couple of pictures of the process, so I want to dig them out of my digital files and share them with you when I explain how I put the gallery wall up. I love having this spot in my home to display pictures that have been taken over time. I also want to add some other small trinkets and art prints to it.

Are you a fan of gallery walls? Do you prefer to have all the frames match or do you like the idea of having the frames look like they were collected over time?