Friday, January 20, 2012

Metallic Magic

Do you remember the bamboo floor easel I purchased from The Foundary a few weeks back? When I received it, the finish on it looked nothing like it did in the picture and I wasn't a fan. I didn't love the black and gold finish. The gold actually looked kind of orange. I wanted it to have a flat metallic gold finish. I thought about spray painting it, but I didn't want to lose the subtle texture and variation that can be found on aged metal. I knew spray paint would give it a more uniform look, and for this particular piece that's not what I envisioned. Then I remembered a product that was introduced to me by Janell at Isabella and Max Rooms.

Rub n' Buff is a wax metallic finish that can be easily applied to almost any surface to change or add a metallic finish. It comes in a variety of finishes and can be found at most craft stores for around $4 a tube. I chose the Antique Gold for my makeover.

I started by applying a small amount to a dry clean terry cloth rag. My rag had been washed multiple times, so I was sure it wouldn't shed. 

I wasn't joking when I said a small amount! A tiny bit of this stuff goes a long way!
I then proceeded to rub the wax all over my easel.

I continued to do this to the entire easel, reapplying a small amount of the Rub n' Buff to my cloth as needed. The great thing about this product, is that you can control the amount of finish you apply. I put it on heavy in some areas and lighter in others. Also, it doesn't dry really fast, which allows you to "buff" out some places where you may have been heavy handed. 

Progress shot...

A couple of before and afters so you can see the change...

Much better, don't you think? A little tube of metallic magic right at our fingertips. Gotta love that!
If you're wondering what's going on the easel, I'll be tackling that project this weekend and hope to share it with you on Monday!

Do you have any projects planned for the weekend? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy the next couple of days! Happy Weekend!