Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Design Destination: Trim Work

Wood work, Trim Work, Wainscoting, it is called many different things, and I love it no matter what name it goes by. If you couldn't figure out what that picture in my previous post was (I can't blame you if you were stumped, it was a horrible picture), it was a picture of the chalk lines our finish carpenters put up to guide them on a project they are doing in our family room. We have decided to add some additional wood work to our home. While our home does have some wood work in it, my love of pretty painted white trim left me longing for more. Besides adding some board and batten to the family room, we are also adding 6 inch crown moulding to all of the bedrooms and the office, as well as adding some trim treatments to the kids' rooms. Don't get me wrong, some of the most beautifully decorated rooms I have ever seen have had almost no trim work in them at all. I don't think that wood work is necessary to create a fabulous space, but for me, in my own home, it is a must. If you follow me on Pinterest, this fact will come as no surprise to you. Many of the rooms in my Lovely Spaces board reflect my love of painted trim. Here are a few of my favorites...

Katie Rosenfeld Dining Room

via Traditional Home

via VT Interiors

via Scull and Oars


And just to illustrate my point, here is a stunning room by the incredibly talented Sarah Richardson. Notice the lack of any trim work...and yet...just as lovely as the rest.

Sarah Richardson
So, do you prefer trim work in your own home, or would you rather live without it? You know where I stand! I can't wait for all of the wainscot to go up and get painted, so I can show you the end result!