Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all of you Mothers out there, as well as all of those with a Mother's heart, a very Happy Mother's Day! I hope you are able to spend this special day surrounded by the people that you love. I feel very blessed I was bestowed the calling of a Mother to my three beautiful children. Though the task of being a mom can be rough at times, the joy I feel as I tend to my children each day is much greater. Today, I am most grateful for my sweet mother and mother-in-law. Both of whom are shining examples to me of the influence of good a mother can be for her children and grandchildren. The unconditional love, care, support and selfless service they offer is a testament to the amazing women they are. I pray each day that I can have the strength to follow in their footsteps. I love you both so very much!

My cute Mom (and Dad) celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary

My mother-in-law with Miss M.