Monday, April 30, 2012

Ups and Downs

First the Downs. So sorry for the lack of posting lately. Things around here have been crazy. We were suppose to move into our house last week, but that didn't happen. We are ready to close on our new home, but unfortunately the family buying our house has had a few hiccups in the process, so they aren't ready to close yet. Since we need the equity from this house to purchase the other one, we are in a holding pattern. I am going to be honest, this has been a very stressful and emotionally taxing experience. It is really not anyone's fault. Home mortgage lending has become so stringent and over regulated. The red tape that someone has to go through is knee deep. I understand that banks are just trying yo make sure that they lend money to people who can and will pay it back, but I don't understand how the housing market is suppose to recover if the average American can't get a loan. Luckily for us, we were easily approved for our new home, and our buyers have been approved to buy our home. We are just waiting on one piece of paper that they need to get the green light from their lender to close. The worst part is that this little piece of paper has to come from the IRS. It is completely out of our control. We sit and we wait for that piece of paper to show up. I have shed many tears over the whole situation and I am not really a "crier." Our house is completely packed up, so we are living amongst boxes. It is a bit depressing. I am trying to keep my spirits up and remember how lucky I am that our home sold quickly and that we will eventually get this house closed. The biggest stress is that the Sellers of our new home are understandably very irritated that we can't close yet because we have to wait for our house to close. We are worried that if this drags on much longer, they will pull the house from us. Last Friday, we did receive an update from our Buyer that indicates that the little piece of paper will be available this week. We could use your prayers. They would be so greatly appreciated. Like I said, things have been crazy. I have felt crazy. Still, I am thankful to my Father in Heaven for my many blessings. When I have a moment of clarity, I remember that this is a very small trial compared to many others one may experience in life. It's just that when your in the midst of it all, the burden can feel awfully heavy. So I will continue to sit and wait and pray.

Thanks for letting me share my life with you. The good and the not so good. As I have said before, your support means more to me than you will ever know.

Now for the really big UP! My sweet baby girl is 6 today! We will be celebrating by taking her and a couple of her friends out to lunch today before afternoon Kindergarten. Tonight, we will celebrate by heading to her favorite dinner spot and then come home for cake, ice cream and presents. Next Sunday, we will have a party with our extended family at my In-laws home.

In honor of her birthday here are 6 fun facts about my little sweetie...

Photo by Skye Johanssen for Matilda Jane
1. She is obsessed with American Girl Dolls. She has 4 of them and asked for another one for her Birthday!
2. She loves to sing. She sings all day long and frequently makes up her own songs. She writes the lyrics down and then creates a tune for the words. Some of her little songs are really good!
3. She adores her big sister and little brother. She wants to do everything her sister does and she takes great care of her brother.

Photo by Paige Davis Photography
4. She really enjoys school and has become a fantastic reader.
5. She thinks that every Disney Movie has "scary" parts. So scary in fact, that she runs into the other room until it is "over". 
6. She eats more fruit then any little person I have ever seen. She loves every kind of fruit and would eat it for all three meals if I would let her. She would gladly pass up candy for a piece of fruit!
and one to grow on...7. She is an absolute joy to her family. We are so blessed to have her sweet spirit, and at times, strong personality, in our home. 
Happy Birthday Miss J! I am so thankful that I get to be your Mother!