Friday, February 3, 2012

IKEA Rast Hack Peak and Round - Up

One thing I never tire of is a good IKEA Rast Hack. I am amazed at how many ways this "plain jane" piece of furniture can be transformed! I have always wanted to tackle a Rast Hack of my own, but I was waiting for just the right time and place. Well, I am happy to say that the time is NOW and the perfect place for it is my new Home Office (which is coming together very slowly...progress shots coming soon). I have been working on my hack for the last few days and I am loving it! I wanted to reveal it to you today, but unfortunately the hardware I ordered for it won't arrive until Monday. Booo! I plan on sharing it with you as soon as I get the hardware on it. I don't want to leave you totally in the dark though, so here is a teeny, tiny, little peak...

I told you it was a teeny, tiny, peak...but did you catch the color? Oh, how I love Coral!

To get your mind turning as to what my hack will look like, take a look at some of my favorite Rast Hacks from across the blogsphere...

Danielle Oakey

Me You and a Wiener

Nothing But Bonfires
Marcus Design

Seriously, aren't they amazing? Especially because they started out looking like this!

Happy Friday Everyone!