Monday, February 27, 2012

Blogs to Love: Emerson Grey Designs

Happy Monday everyone! I've said it again and again, but one of the most wonderful benefits of blogging is all the wonderful people you get to "meet" through your blog. I was perusing Pinterest a few weeks ago (let's be honest, I'm always perusing Pinterest), when I came across this fabulous design board for a little girl's coral and navy nursery...

Coral and Navy

I immediately clicked through the pin to find the source and was introduced to Bri Myosa and her blog, Emerson Grey Designs. After spending 13 years in the juvenile design industry, Bri has recently started her own design business, specializing in nurseries and kids rooms. I spent some time looking around her blog and continued to find design boards for nurseries and kids rooms that were fun, unique, pulled together and on trend. I sent Bri a quick email to let her know that I was happy to have found her blog and how much I enjoyed her designs. She emailed back and a new "blog friendship" has been formed. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to introduce Bri and her blog to you!

Here are a few more of my favorite designs from her blog...

Posh Tots Nursery

Bubble Gum Popping

I Left My Heart in SF

Chic and Fairly Cheap

Aren't her designs incredible? I would use any of these boards to redesign one of my kids' rooms!
Head on over to Emerson Grey Designs to see more of Bri's designs and give her some love while you are there!

One more thing...I want to apologize for last week's erratic posting schedule and the lack of a post on Friday. Not only did we have Internet problems last week, but there are some other "big" things going on around here that have thrown things in a tailspin! I'll share details as soon as I can, but until patient with me. I know you guys will, because you guys are the best!