Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Client Project Reveal: The Florentine Project - Who's Afraid of the Big Brown Couch?

Hello, friends! Today I am back sharing another local client project. This project reveal is for all of you that are afraid of your big brown leather sofa and are wanting to kick it to the curb...but can't. That was the exact situation my client was in. She contacted me to hep her lighten and brighten her family room area. She was open to all new furniture, but the leather sofa had to stay. It is only a couple years old and in excellent shape. She didn't feel comfortable replacing the sofa with a lighter, upholstered one... just yet. She has 3 young children and she needed to make sure there was at least one place they could sit and potentially make a mess that wouldn't cause her to have a complete freak out. Sound familiar? I'm sure to many of you it does. I put together a plan for the space that would incorporate the leather sofa and still achieve the fresher, lighter feel my client was hoping for.

This is the design board I put together for the room:

My client had already decided to replace the carpet with wood flooring. I suggested removing the leather love seat and replacing it with 2 chairs. We also changed the placement of the TV and moved it to the other wall. The rest of the design stemmed from my client's desire to add some coral into the space. I am loving the coral, navy, gray and gold color scheme we decided on. Here is what the room looked like the first time I saw it...


And here it is now...


As you can see the completed space did vary slightly from the original design, but the over all look is the same. Designing a space is an evolutionary process. Often times changes are made to the original plan to accommodate time and budget constraints, etc. Sometimes, I just decide something else will look better or something needs to be added. That is the benefit of a custom design by an experienced Interior Designer, they can see those little nuances that will add or detract from a space and make changes accordingly. The family room looks and feels so much more fresh and bright even with the big brown leather sofa in it. My client absolutely loves the space and so do I. I hope my design gives you big, brown leather sofa owners some inspiration and hope.

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