Monday, March 17, 2014

Local Client Project Reveal: Harvey Project Master Bedroom Before & After

You guys!! I am so excited to finally share this local client Master Bedroom project with you in its fullness. This project was such a dream to work on. Last year I was able to design this client's Bright and Modern Family Room. A few months after that project wrapped, my clients asked me come back and design their master bedroom. I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. I absolutely adore my client's and their darling family, so I was more than pleased to be working with them again. 

My client's bedroom was basically a blank slate to work with. Aside from a chest that the homeowner's husband had made for her when they were first married, and the mattress, they didn't want or need me to keep anything in the space. That is a designer's dream and always a treat! They also liked the idea of incorporating a work area into their room, since the Mrs. works primarily from home. The thing I love most about my clients is that they completely trusted me and my vision for their space. I presented them my ideas and they pretty much said "Do what you want." I appreciate their trust more than I can express! 

I am over the moon with how their space turned out and so are they. I love all the projects I complete, but this may be my favorite Master Bedroom to date. :) 

Here is what the room looked like before:

And now...

There are so many amazing pieces in this space. The bed...the nightstands...the dresser...the artwork. Each of these elements is a star on its own, but they completely work together in this space to make it feel cohesive and pulled together. The navy and aqua color palette, coupled with the pops of greens and yellows, has become a favorite of mine. I'm trying to figure out where to incorporate it in my own home! This is the first time in their marriage, my client's have had a "grown up" Master Bedroom. I am so honored they asked me to create it for them and I hope they enjoy their space for many years to come!

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