Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Weekend and a Sneak Peak

Hello all! Let me start by apologizing for the static on the blog over the past few days. The hubs and I spent the last 4 days in So. Cal. attending a family wedding. We left the kids behind and thoroughly enjoyed our little break. It is wonderful coming home to their hugs and smiling faces. I wish I could say that I am recharged and ready to go, but I am pretty tired. I think my age must be catching up with me. I turned 35 yesterday...officially in my mid 30s folks...I'm not sure how I feel about that. ;)

Summer has not slowed down for us. We are as busy as ever. Unfortunately, when life gets busy, my blog is the first thing to suffer. I started this blog 10 months ago, and I am still trying to figure out how to manage it, along with my family and my design business. While it has been challenging, the joy I have received from this blog...from all of immeasurable. So, "THANK YOU!" and thank you for sticking with me while I attempt to muddle through my life.

OK, sorry for the tangent. Today I want to give you a sneak peak of my new kitchen, which I will be sharing with you, in its' entirety, later this week.

The kitchen is one of the main reasons we bought this house. I absolutely love it and I hope you will too! Stay tuned...