Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making it Work...

No, this isn't a fashion post, but all of you Tim Gunn fans will surely appreciate the reference! Anyhow, I've mentioned a couple of times that the decorating budget for our new home is pretty tight. As a result, I am reusing and repurposing as many furniture and  decor items as I can from our previous home. It's not often that I walk into a client's home and they want me to start a room completely from scratch. There is usually the need to reuse some item(s) from the space and make them work in the new design plan. That is exactly what I'm doing in my new house!

You might recognize the picture below as the family room from my previous house.

I really loved the mirrors and botanical prints that hung on our sofa wall. We don't have a "sofa wall" in our new home, but I did find the perfect place to reuse these items in my new home...with a few small changes.

The large blank wall in the hallway to our bedroom was the perfect spot to reuse the mirrors and framed botanical prints.

I decided to use six botanicals instead of the ten I had on my sofa wall. I also decided to switch out the frames for some larger ones. I already had 3 of the frames from Hobby Lobby. I went and picked up 3 more when they were 50% off. Each frame cost me less than $10. I also matted the prints with mattes I picked up for $2 each.

As I've mentioned before, I have incorporated some coral into my new family room. Since this hallway is adjacent to the family room, I added a few brighter hued botanical prints into the gallery.

The prints themselves are actually book pages from this book which I purchased for about $15.

Jenny introduced me to this book and it has been such a great resource for me. I have used it for inexpensive art, not just in my own home, but in many client projects as well. The botanicals are quite beautiful up close.

I am really happy with how the wall turned out, and my hubby is really happy that I filled an entire wall in our home using things we mostly already had!