Sunday, February 24, 2013

Now On Instagram

Happy Monday all! I've been literally quarantined to my room for the last 4 days with the worst flu ever. It was so severe that my Dr. prescribed Tamiflu. I am happy to report that after a couple of days of feeling like I was on my death bed, I am finally on the upswing! I'm not 100% yet, but I hope to be up and around in the next day or so. My hubby has been a saint taking care of me and kids and pretty much holding down the fort. He is a gem, I tell ya! All this time in bed gave me tons of time to think. While I thought about numerous useless things, I did come to one useful conclusion.

 I've had a personal Instagram account for a while, but I finally decided to open an account for my interior design business. I've always struggled with how much of my personal life to share on the blog. I want you to know me for who I really am, but I still have the fear of making myself and my family too "accessible" to the outside world. It may be that I am overly paranoid. I mean, without exception, everyone I have "met" through my blog are the kind of people I would choose to associate with in my day to day life. Truly, I love my readers...all of you!! I've just heard one too many stories of scary things happening to bloggers who were "stalked" through their blogs. It's going to take time for me to feel comfortable enough to fully open up...I hope you can understand. Still, you may have noticed that I don't blog nearly as often as I would like to or should. My design business is booming. It is so much fun and such a blessing, but it doesn't allow me the time I need to blog on a regular basis. There is so much I want to share with you about my design life, but sometimes sitting down to put together a blog post about it is not an option. The solution was Instagram account dedicated to my design life with a little bit of my personal life mixed in. :) This is where I will be sharing the day to day details of my business. You are sure to see everything from fabulous finds while on one of my many shopping trips to watching my local client projects take shape (there are so many that I haven't even had the time to mention here!).  I'm not shutting down the blog or anything, I'll still be posting here every so often, but if you want to see more you can follow me on Instagram @sitamontgomeryinteriors. I just opened my account this morning, so there's not much there yet, but I promise to deliver the goods! Oh, and if you want me to, I'd love to follow you back! :0) Hope to see you on Instagram!