Monday, November 9, 2015

Sita Montgomery Interiors: My Home - Basement Makeover Reveal

Hello! I'm pleased to be sharing the recently completed make over of my basement family room with you today. If you've been keeping up with me here on the blog or on Instagram, you know that my husband and I have spent a good portion of the year making changes to our home. Making over the family room in my basement was on of those changes. When we moved into our home, we decided to limit our expenses by just putting some of our older furniture, from our previous home, in the basement. After all, this would be the space that our family would lounge and watch tv in and that our kids would play and entertain their friends in, and we didn't want to have to "worry" about the furniture. I used the furniture I had and added some other inexpensive pieces from Target and Homegoods to finish the space off. I even created my own DIY art for over the fireplace. :) 
The space looked good and functioned well, but as we started to make changes in other areas of our home, I felt the basement family room no longer felt cohesive with the rest of our home. My husband and I agreed that it was time to update the space. We also felt that since our children are now a bit older, we could safely invest in some quality pieces that we could keep for a long time. We sold or donated everything that was previously in the space, including our beloved sectional that we had for 13 years. 

My goals in designing the family room were simple:

1. Keep it comfortable
2. Keep it cohesive with the style of the rest of the house 
3. Make it function well for our family

I am happy to say that I feel the redesigned space delivers on all 3 fronts! Take a look...

The new neutral color palette helps keep the look and style of the basement family room cohesive with the rest of our home.

The new sectional and leather ottoman were key in keeping this space comfortable and kid friendly. 

2 new armchairs, placed adjacent to the main seating area, create the opportunity for extra seating.

The new ottoman from Bernhardt marries beauty and functionality with it's durable leather upholstery and sleek metal base.

The new rug is an indoor/outdoor rug, which makes it incredibly easy to clean, despite being a lighter color. 

The new abstract art pieces over the fireplace compliments the space perfectly.

As soon as I saw these Studio McGee pillows, I knew I would use them in my space.

Placing on the TV on the short wall provides it with the perfect spot for viewing, but allows it to be inconspicuous...which the designer in me loves! ;)

This sectional for Down to Earth home is ever bit as comfortable as it is beautiful!

My whole family loves how the basement family room looks and we continue to spend countless hours gathered in the space. I'll be sharing the full reveal of the basement kitchen later this week. I hope you will come back to check it out!

PS - If you would like to see what the basement looked like before, you can go here

(click on the images below)