Thursday, November 12, 2015

Megan's (Honey We're Home) Nursery Design for the One Room Challenge

A few months ago, I received a super sweet email from my friend, the talented and beautiful Megan, who is the face behind the blog, Honey We're Home. Megan explained that she was taking part in the One Room Challenge and that the room she wanted to make over for the challenge was her son's toddler room. She explained that was expecting her second child and that she wanted to create a nursery for her new baby! I was thrilled for her, but even more thrilled that she requested that I help her design the nursery. I immediately said, "YES!" I don't have the opportunity to design nurseries very often, but I love creating special places babies and their families. It was a bonus to be working with a friend, who I have long respected and admired.

When Megan first contacted me, she was early in her pregnancy and did not know the gender of her baby. We knew that a few weeks before the One Room Challenge reveal, she would be able to find out if she was having a boy or a girl. We agreed that it would be best for me to design a gender neutral nursery to get the started and then make changes and tweaks to the design after Megan found out the gender. Megan had a very strong feeling she was going to have a girl, so even though I knew the Nursery design would be suitable for a boy or a girl, the design board leaned a bit more feminine.

If you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge, you can read more about it here, but in essence a group of Designers and Bloggers are asked to makeover a room of their choice in just 6 weeks. The participants are also given a list of wonderful sponsors, which they can choose to partner with for everything in their rooms from furniture to accessories and even paint. As a result, Megan sent me over a list of sponsors that had signed on and asked me to use as many products as possible in the design from those sponsors. As new sponsors were added, Megan and I could work on changing up the design a little, if needed.

Here is the initial design board that I came up with....

I was so glad when Megan let me know that she absolutely loved it!! 

Megan started by ordering the major pieces for the room. She had the room painted and had custom built ins made for the space. She told me from the beginning that the built ins would be part of the design, since she plans to eventually use the room as her office. 

A few short weeks later, Megan found out that she is indeed having a girl! Talk about Mother's intuition! We decided to tweak the design by eliminating some of the navy and adding more lavender in the space. Over the next few weeks we exchanged numerous text, phone calls and emails. I sent Megan over new options for art, lighting, rugs and pillows, which were all sourced from the ORC sponsors. The process was so smooth and seamless. Megan was a complete joy to work with and never failed to tell me how appreciative she was for my help. She did an incredible job pulling the space together...while in the throws of pregnancy, no less! I wish I could have been there with her to see the room come to life, but that wasn't possible because we live in different states! 

When Megan sent me a picture of the room the night before the One Room Challenge, I teared up when I saw it. Not only was it beautiful, but the thought of my friend, bringing her baby girl home to this new room, really pulled at my heartstrings. 

Here is the result of my collaboration with Megan. I think we made a pretty fabulous team!!

Photo Credit: Honey We're Home

Photo Credit: Honey We're Home
Photo Credit: Honey We're Home
You can see more of Megan's finished nursery and read more about her experience participating in the One Room challenge on her blog

A huge thanks to Megan for asking me to help design this special place in her home!! I can't wait to see a picture of her baby girl in her new nursery!

(You can shop this room and my design board by clicking on the product images below)