Friday, September 30, 2016

Camera Ready Interiors

Any good designer knows that having good, high quality pictures of the spaces they design is an absolute must for their business. Having good images allows designers, like myself, to share the spaces we create with the world. They also enable us to showcase our work for potential clients and maintain a beautiful portfolio to use, when other business opportunities present themselves. Getting those high quality images is no easy task. It takes skill and a trained eye to capture the perfect shot. I'm always amazed as I watch professional photographers stretch, tweak, move and fluff their way through each space, in order to get the perfect shot.  A good photographer is worth their weight in gold, and I have been fortunate enough to have a couple of the best, capture my work. Unfortunately, the photographer of a space doesn't always get the accolades and praise he or she deserves. Beautifully capturing a space, in a still image, is a joint effort between designer and photographer. Both work together to ensure the designer's work is perfectly portrayed in the photographer's picture.

When my good friend, Jana Bek, of Jana Bek Design contacted me about an idea she had to ask a group of designers to feature the amazing photographers that capture their work, I immediately said, "YES!" I am so grateful, today, to be profiling two very talented photographer's that have given me the ability to share my work with the world in a format I can be proud of, Paige Davis and Lucy Call.

When I started my design business almost 5 years ago, Paige Davis of Paige Davis Photography, was the first photographer I called to take pictures of my interiors. Paige has such a great eye and is a true talent. Although, she is primarily a portrait photographer, her talent transcends boundaries into interiors and architecture. In fact, Paige was asked to be the official photographer for the television show "Extreme Home Makeover," when they filmed a show here in Utah. Paige has continued to excel in her field and has become one of the most in demand photographers in our area. I am so blessed to be able to have Paige capture my work and call her my friend. Take a look at some of her beautiful work...

You can see more of Paige's work here.

Lucy Call is a true Master of her skill. As a lifestyle photographer, Lucy, photographs everything from people to food and interiors and architecture. Her images evoke emotion and bring the senses to life. I have had the privilege of having Lucy photograph two of the new construction projects I have done with the home builder, Cameo Homes. Each time I have seen the final images from her, I let out a literal gasp! Her ability to perfectly capture an interior is unmatched. It is easy to see, through her pictures, that Lucy is a true talent who sees the world through a unique lens. This point of view is evident in each of her images. I consider myself very fortunate to have Lucy's work represented in my own portfolio. Take a look...

You can see more of Lucy's work here

Both Paige and Lucy have their own style and vision when it comes to their photography. I love seeing how my work is translated by that vision, in pictures. Next time you see a picture of a beautiful interior, I hope you will take just a moment to think about the talented individual who captured that beauty for you to enjoy. 

A huge thank you to Jana for including me in this celebration of photographers. Be sure to check out the other designers featuring their photographers today, by hopping over to their blogs. Also, check out the hashtag #camerareadyinteriors to see the gorgeous interiors, as captured by the talented photographers being featured. :)

Here is the full list of participants: