Sunday, April 10, 2016

Master Bedroom Update and Why I'm Sleeping Better than Ever!

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Today, I'm back to share with you a few small changes I recently made to my Master Bedroom. The biggest change of all was that we got a new mattress!

My close family and friends know that I often have a hard time getting a restful nights sleep. Aside from the fact that my mind is constantly going 100 miles an hour, I would struggle to find a sleep position which was comfortable for me. That all changed the day I discovered Tuft & Needle. Last December, my family and I spent the Christmas holiday visiting my brother, at his vacation home in Sonoma, CA. Our first night there, I went and laid down on the mattress in the guest room. It was so comfortable I immediately jumped up and pulled back the sheets to see what brand it was. What I found out was that my brother had outfitted all the beds in his vacation home with Tuft & Needle mattresses. It only took one night's sleep for me to be convinced I had to have one of these mattresses on my bed at home. My husband completely agreed! He too, felt that the Tuft & Needle mattress was one of the most comfortable he had ever slept on. I jumped on the Tuft & Needle website and was shocked at how affordable their mattresses are! On top of that, I was interested to learn the science behind what makes this mattress so comfortable and sets it apart from others. Here is a short explanation from Tuft & Needles website...

"The mattress industry hadn’t changed in years, aside from adding new sales tricks and gimmicks. So when we started Tuft & Needle, we worked to innovate something entirely new for the industry. Unparalleled in comfort and support, our proprietary foam was painstakingly perfected through customer feedback. It’s not memory foam. It’s not latex. It’s T&N Adaptive™ Foam. And because it adapts to every individual’s body, you’ll always sleep on the ideal firmness for you."

I am telling you, this is the real deal! After returning home from CA, my husband and I became owners of a Tuft & Needle mattress. I can honestly say, I am sleeping better than ever! T&N Adaptive Foam has allowed me to easily find a comfortable sleeping position, which in turn has enabled me to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night. Unfortunately, the folks at T&N can't help with my racing mind, but I'm getting better at clearing it and turning it off before I go to bed. ;)

Becoming an T&N mattress owner is super easy and convenient. The mattress is shipped right to your front door! The mattress has been compressed and sealed in an air tight bag. All you have to do is unroll it, remove the bag and watch the magic happen. The T&N adaptive foam will expand and within a few minutes you have a brand new mattress, ready to give you the good night's sleep you been waiting for. Take a look...

So easy!!

Along with my new mattress, I decided to make some subtle changes to my Master Bedroom decor. I switched up my bedding, replaced the rug and simplified my throw pillow game. The changes are small, but they are just enough to give my room a little lift. It feels perfect for the bright and airy Spring and Summer days ahead.

 If you are in the market for a new mattress, I highly suggest you check out Tuft & Needle. Aside from having an amazing product, the philosophy this incredible company had adopted deserves  its' own praise. By creating affordable high quality mattresses, I would say that this innovative company is well on its' way to changing the way the mattress industry does business!!

*I received this mattress from Tuft & Needle. The review is 100% my own, honest opinion.

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