Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Local Client Project Reveal: Not So Girly Girl Teen Bedroom

I'm back today with another local project reveal. A former client of mine contacted me a few months ago and asked me to makeover her 12 year old daughter's bedroom. The catch was that this young lady is a bit of a tomboy and she was very opinionated about what she wanted, no pink, no purple, and no flowers! She did, however, request that I incorporate a very specific shade of electric blue into her room. :) I was up to the challenge!

Since this room was for her daughter, we wanted to be budget conscious, so I kept the cost down by using a few IKEA pieces. We did splurge on the nightstands and a fair amount was also spent on giving the space a fresh coat of paint.

Here is what her room looked like before.....

And now....

She is thrilled with her new room! Her Mom loves it too! It was so much fun to work on this space. I especially love that she had definite ideas of what she wanted and was involved in the design process. I think we mad a great team and her not so girly girl room is perfect representation of who she is! Mission accomplished!